Felix Schopgens

Self Conclusion

I once heard this story
about how this guy thought love was just a hoax
and jumping off the edge would
be the moment that he actually felt alive.
He glances over and sees the most beautiful women
that shared his same belief.
But he couldn't understand how he would be able to breathe
when true love ends.
Abandoning his conviction,
he holds out his hand and pleads
with the women,
You belong with me and no where else,
your beauty would make me feel like a tactless jumper.
Beautiful isn't it?
If that were me and you,
I would have felt the same way too.
Felix Schopgens

Ponders his life while he skips his rocks.

I'm sinking in this,
and I can't hold it all in.
Even though everything stands between us,
if you want me just tell me.

I pretend my head is resting...
with my ear gently pressed upon your chest
just so I can hear your heart beat.
I could just watch you forever,
we don't even have to exchange words.
Just let me admire you.
I'd live for the moment I get to hold you tight,
the moment where i'd actually feel alive.
"I'd kiss you so hard and,
take your breathe away."
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    Self -Conclusion
Felix Schopgens

The only thing that matters.

I think about you all the time.
I wish there was some way some how
I could just see you once.
Look at those beautiful eyes
and that beautiful face
Touch your soft skin
and kiss those soft lips
I've only spoken to you
we've never met.
I would give anything just for one day
One day to experience all the senses
to prove that you really exist,
that you're really alive.
Felix Schopgens

Glossy lips on a cancer stick

I'm looking ever so slightly
for the gate way where she's resting there waiting
to take me in as here own
and hold me flawlessly,
and gripping,
hands run through my hair tightly,
fingers that dig into the bare,
chest with teeth that has to release alittle
to my skin,
the warmth, the heat
the pressure,
the breathing, the yearning
for a finally,
push me back
push me forward,
twist me around
all upside down
folding into you
kissing, touching
forceful must
we shall we should we
tighten voice
waiting to escape
the final episode
that last begin
ending in a finally
of abstract relief.
Felix Schopgens

My Ode to you...

how can I die an unlived life?
How can I cut an unhealed wound?
I peel the image off the mirror
as it falls and unfolds
into my eyes, all you see is lies
Every time I turn away
you see the beauty that stands behind me
escape from the pain inside
life is like waiting to die
wait, I saw your face
and I am so confused...
I will never face the truth
And I know that I'll never be with you.
Felix Schopgens

(no subject)

For once in my life I was touched by a stranger. I was asked why I think so highly of this person. Well, he stopped me from doing something really stupid, and the funny thing is that he has no idea. And of course, he will never know, but some things were meant to be unheard. I guess I find everything that I lack in this person. A song for you...
Felix Schopgens


5 songs that I have fell in love with recently:

1. 3rd Measurement in C - Saosin

2. The Kids - Hollywood Undead

3. Lover I dont have to Love - Bright Eyes

4. Believer - BT

5. Poetic Tragedy - The Used